What are the best PR agencies in India for lifestyle startups?

Lifestyle and Fashion is one of the fastest evolving sectors in India. Indian fashion and lifestyle market is set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 12% over the next years to reach Rs. 3,94,000 crore from the currently estimated Rs. 2,21,000 which is evolving at a fast rate. The fashion and lifestyle segment is witnessing a paradigm shift with women’s apparel expected to match men’s apparel at par I terms of 37% market share each in 2016.

In the Lifestyle and Fashion Industry, trends changes as fast as they come. This is one of the most demanding sectors wherein all the PR consultants in Delhi strive to reach the acme. Visual merchandising, advertising, public relation strategies, graphic designing and fashion & lifestyle creative writing are the different forms of tools that are required in Fashion and Lifestyle industry. Through these tools fashion and lifestyle industry reaches out to its potential consumers.

Today the market place is flooded with several e-commerce options for the shoppers to buy these lifestyle and fashion trending products. There are a large and enormous number of products and services are being offered for the customers on these e-commerce websites and apps. In the last few years, the growth of e-commerce industry in India has been phenomenal as more of fashion and lifestyle brands have started discovering the benefits of using this platform. This trend has created an enough scope for online business in the future. There are many lifestyle PR agencies in Delhi which are more involved in the PR of these lifestyle and fashion brands. Not every brand can spend its capital on the TV ads or on the big hoardings. For such companies Digital PR is boon for them. Unlike tradition PR, digital marketing is more convenient way for the small budget companies to invest on the publicity of their brands. As more people are active on the internet today. This has also increased the value of the digital marketing. From small budget companies to huge budget companies are investing their capital in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is considered to be the future of the PR. It is an umbrella term for all online marketing efforts. Another key component of digital PR is mobile marketing. In fact, mobile usage as whole accounts of 60% of time spent consuming digital media, while desktop based digital media consumption makes up the remaining 40%. This means that it’s very essential for the fashion and lifestyle brands to optimize the digital ads, web pages, social media and other digital assets for mobile and computer devices.


Social Media Round-up: September 2017

September surely flew like wind and has been an interesting month as compared to the rest. This month brings in exciting news for each of the social media platforms. We heard some big news related to some platforms, and the same are discussed below, so let us recap and have a look at some intriguing updates.

Starting from Facebook, now Facebook is helping you increase your business twice as it is now adding the ability to create a custom audience of people who visit your location and check in – and not to fear, if your custom audience is too small you can always use that to create a lookalike audience for your ads.


Twitter recently announced the increase of their character limit from 140 to 280, on a trial basis and only to a small group of people. Twitter says “We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter. So we’re doing something new: we’re going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters, in languages impacted by cramming (which is all except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).”


Instagram has made its mission to make the social platform a safe and positive place for self-expression.  Here are three new updates coming from Instagram which will help to limit any form of trolling or abuse and will reinforce their commitment to safety and kindness.

Comment controls

In case your account is public, you’ll see a new way to choose who can comment on your posts just like people you follow or your followers. Also, whether your account is public or private, you’ll be able to block other accounts from commenting on your posts. Isn’t that great?

Anonymous reporting for live video

If someone is going through a difficult time or in need of support during a live broadcast then anyone watching it can report anonymously. The person will see a message offering help with options to talk to a helpline, reach out to a friend or get other tips and support.

Kindness walls and stickers

Instagram also introduced kindness walls and exciting stickers for the people who love decorating or expressing their feelings with emoticons or stickers.


If you use LinkedIn via mobile then you might see a new icon beside your photo icon from where you can go live on LinkedIn, well a video icon! You can now go live on your device. Isn’t that exciting?

How to Choose Best Translation Agency in Delhi

Today’s world is evolving. Everyone is running after fame and success. Many small and large organizations have embarked their presence in the business world. Globalization is a powerful engine for economic growth and development. It is the process of uniting different people, culture, languages, and organizations. Translation agencies play an important role in developing the growth of businesses. For the progress and advancement of an organization, it is pivotal to hire the best translation agency.

Authentic Service

Professional translation agencies in Delhi provide valid and authentic translation services. Look for those agencies that are willing to communicate with a global audience. Hire those agencies that can complete multiple tasks within the given period of time. A good translation agency helps organizations to have a foothold in the global market and thus leads to economic growth and development of an organization.

Professional Translators

Professional translators who provide language translation services to businesses and institutions have a proficient knowledge of two or more languages. They are well versed with different languages, culture, art and literature. They have strong work ethics and deliver the true essence of the message without any falsification.

Global Approach

Translation agencies in Delhi help organizations to expand globally. Through translation, organizations find their niche in international markets. By having good translation agencies, enterprises and organizations can grow globally, which will bring fruitful results in their respective firms. They help them to excel in the global marketplace.


Before hiring a translator or translation agency in Delhi, it is imperative to research various translators and agencies. It is evident to compare them and choose the one which can fulfill the demands of your enterprise. A good translation agency will always provide you the matter with intricate meaning and will not be having any spelling or grammatical errors. The best way to analyze authenticity is to find errors if they deliver flawless writings. So, be very specific in your judgment.

Language Proficient

A translation agency or translator should be well acquainted with monolingual languages. They should have a deep knowledge of culture, art and language of different countries only then they can share the actual meaning.

Discussion is Important

Acquaint translation agencies about your projects. Discuss your specific needs regarding translation with them. This is will give them an idea about your preferences and further will help them to share genuine and actual writings.

Thus, through translation, you can promote your business, services globally. Today, we are fighting to achieve harmony and solidarity. Translation agencies have a great impact in uniting culturally diverse population.

Augmented Intelligence is all set to revolutionize the PR industry

As the debate goes on in other industry’s whether to include a new human magic- artificial intelligence in their working or not. For Public Relations (PR) and marketing professionals, the discussion becomes more concerned about Augmented Intelligence (AI) and not the artificial one. These professionals are quite sure that this technological change has nothing to do with the job displacement, but all that it blesses the mankind is a whole lot of completely charged up skills. Humans are better at dealing with the context, history and cultural nuances. On the other hand, machines have the feature of processing and organizing a huge volume of data at high speeds. To tap into the benefits of both the worlds to the realization it’s necessary to get the adequate balance of the human-machine partnership.


Here are the top three ways with which augmented intelligence will bless on the PR experts with the superhuman powers.


Tackling the massive flood of data- Each day, millions of data get uploaded at the online platforms. According to IBM, 90% of the world’s data were created in the past two years. Anyone active on the social media world would surely agree that the deluge is real. For example, the video of Despacito song that instantly got viral and globally got almost 4.6 billion plays, highest than ever. How can keep up with this kind of speed and scale? Fortunately, the augmented intelligence is the master in precisely and quickly working on the massive and constantly evolving data sets. This technology can surface the relevant data much more quickly than anyone of us. In the world of instant change, this extremely quick speed is an undeniable benefit to the PR experts. Other than this, it can also help with the tasks involving repetition, pattern identification or sense making of large data sets.


Bringing the anomalous content to light- As a crisis unfolds, different media channels start addressing the issue with the same sort of information with the least variance. But there are times when a reporter from the whole lot of media professionals comes up with a different take bringing on the other side of the same story to the limelight. Communicators need to keep a tab on any such incidents as in the era of copy and paste content, the one with a new angle is considered to be unique and better than all the others. Augmented intelligence will flag on the anomalous content so that the brand communicators can quickly address the new angle.


Predicting on the media trends and needs- When you type a query in the search bar of your search engines, you’ll see some options popping up as you type. These options are the suggestions related to the search that saves both the time and the effort to search for better options relating to the topic. Augmented intelligence for PR and marketing professionals is working towards achieving the same. In the near future, it would become quite feasible for the PR agencies to work with the AI application as it will soon understand the particular topic you are pitching to the reporter and make suggestions regarding the same. This means that AI will process and analyze all the media trends and needs for you, thus keeping a tab on the favorites and suggesting you the same when you are pitching a topic to the reporter. This will offer all in many advantages like that of speed, predictive capability, and even reliable analysis.

Conducting effective Press Conferences with the help of PR

Press conference one of the most commonly used and preferred tool by PR companies for getting client’s coverage in newspapers, magazines, and blogs and also on TV news broadcasts. Press conference allows a company or a personality to take up and interact with several journalists at one go instead of attending them separately as in case of interviews and press releases. And, this is the reason why press conferences are considered the best sort and most effective way of quickly disseminating the PR firm’s messages among the media houses.

A press conference can guarantee tremendous amount of client’s publicity, which in-fact is the sole purpose of most of the PR agencies in Delhi. But, to have the best benefit out of the press conference as a good publicity tool, PR professionals need to ensure the following things in it:

  1. Press Kits are a must:  It’s the most basic and the necessary most thing to be provided to all the journalists present at the event. The press kit includes things like fact sheets and background information that turn out to be extremely useful in helping the organizers register the intended message clearly into the minds of media professionals. Some merchandise is also added up in the kit as tools to spread the message.
  2. Celebrity guests make an impact: If organizers are wise enough they do invite some prominent celebrity faces to tap into their popularity. The presence of famous bollywood stars or sports player or in any case political leaders is sure to appeal to their legions of fans. This is the reason why media outlets will get more interested in bringing up significant coverages of such event.
  3. Accurate information needs to be delivered: The PR experts should make it their responsibility to brief the spokesperson or other speakers speaking at the event get precisely briefed about the key points around which they need to speak about. If it is a pre event press conference, it should be ensured well enough that not all details get leaked and only those should be allowed that can create the necessary hype.

Sponsors also get their share of benefit: The press conference not only turned beneficial PR tool for the client’s event, but is also an opportunity for the sponsors to increase their brand awareness. This is clearly evident from the logos displayed at the banners of the event and digital campaigns carried out for it on their respective social media portals.

Delhi-based Startups are Aware of PR Benefits

Most of the startups in India face a tough challenge when it comes down to Public Relations. The companies very well know that they have to create a buzz through the Public Relation channels but unfortunately lack the manpower and assets to stir it up. The PR companies in Delhi provide a major helping hand for startups to establish their name and to get the hype going.

Here are the key reasons why PR is the golden mantra for many Delhi based startups:-

  • The biggest factor is the acquisition of customers. Startup PR agencies in Delhi have helped the upcoming new startups to gain more customers over time.
  • A startup always needs fund to meet their demands and here too, the PR comes into play. Positive coverage about the company will give an upper hand to the company’s reputation. The PR firms in Delhi ensure that the startups get enough funds to expand their organisation.Also, the PR agencies in Delhi write engaging and convincing stories so as to grab the attention of the journalists. They have sufficient connections with the media and hence help build a network with journalists.
  • The PR helps in the positioning of new products and services of the startups among the Indian customers.
  • Focused and customised communications will be offered to all the startups and this will tremendously boost their performance.The PR helps in reaching out to tech blogs which can establish the startups’ social media presence. Tech blogs are visited by a number of readers daily and this can be a huge boost for the business just starting out.Another big role played by the PR agencies in Delhi is that it can arrange interviews and public appearances for the executives of the startups so that the startups’ aim can be better reached out to the Indian customers.

An ideal time for a startup to invest in a PR agency would be couple of months before the launch of their product or services.  The investment in Public Relations should be considered as a long term option because the customers need to know the efforts of the startup. The PR firms in Delhi help the companies to grow from a startup to a full known brand.  All in all, they make sure that the conversations regarding the startup among the public remains positive and the negative false reviews will be taken care of.

Things you need to know about PR Companies

There is a lot of junk or misleading information about a PR company. Some people often think that these companies are too expensive or time-consuming or it might not be a good idea to approach a PR company. But these things aren’t true, so let us take a second to clarify all these things about these companies. PR is the active maintenance of the perception and the relationship between your company and the public. Good PR professional are people who are naturally curious. The work they do includes elements of economics, psychology, media analysis, public speaking and formal communications. Here are some traits or quality which PR agency requires from their PR professionals:

  • Adaptable
  • Organized and planned
  • Flexible
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Interest in media
  • Cope well under pressure
  • Problem solver

PR professionals are always well-dressed and are comfortable while talking about their clients to business people, the media or other professionals. They also do a lot of writing and speaking to the same. A job in PR actually requires a person who is highly responsive to emails, press releases, and other communications. One should be someone who can maintain contact with people over the course of long projects.

PR people are basically story tellers; they create narratives to advance their agenda. PR companies are basically used to protect, enhance or build a reputation through the media, social media or self-produced communications. They are an image shaper; their main objective is to generate positive publicity. Also, they are a problem solver to all your problems; they constantly adapt their strategy to the ever-changing situation and then deal with the issues or problems which arise.

PR professionals often have to work in industries they know very little about, but being a quick learner, they constantly manage their client’s positions effectively. Some people think that they only require PR Professionals or agencies when they get caught in some something they shouldn’t be, but that is totally wrong. It is the responsibility of the agency or company to take care of the image of their client from the beginning, so they do not end up doing something wrong or get involved in a situation they should not be. It is completely up to them to ensure a positive public perception of their client and the success of their brand.

How to choose a Community Management Company in Delhi

Professionals working in Community Management firms have to tackle with the task of monitoring the social media accounts of both the client’s brands and agencies round the clock. In a way they serve as the voice of the brand, creating its visibility and credibility on all the different possible networks. Community Management Company’s deal with the online contacts of the company, build new connections on different social media networks and on an overall basis increase a brand’s popularity online. As the voice of your organization, it’s necessary to select the ideal firm who will best serve the brand as well as its online community. Here are four tips to help you best select the perfect community management firm for your brand.

Experience speaks volumes about the work

After getting an in-depth knowledge of the industry you work in, the community manager then needs to ensure your adequate presence in the audience along with properly guiding you with the interaction procedures. Several social media networks are available in the market, but only some specific ones are best regarded for certain industries. A community management firm needs to work hard to make you the most visible and interactive ones on such platforms. Make sure the community manager or the community management company you choose for your firm has some sort of powerful work experience in your particular industry.

Variance is necessary

The community managers and firms need to change their voices in accordance with the brand they represent and with the change in trends. It’s not like they are required to respond to each and every message and post, it’s just they have to decide the necessary ones and respond to them accordingly being the voice of the brand. The community firm best in the art of changing up their voice instead of being a monotonous messenger is best suited for the companies in their early and nascent stage or the ones looking forward at bringing in the diversity of work practices.


Result timings are clearly defined

The reputed community management firms especially the ones working in Delhi are quite clear with the average response time, they would take to create a positive impact of client’s brand in the minds of the audience. This is done by bringing reliable forecast projections and time details of similar client’s work accomplishment on the table. On getting started with your work, this information needs to be made available from the community management firm’s side on the monthly or weekly basis, to ensure the client of proper and timely work delivery.

Method of responding at online platforms

After having worked with the digital platforms and social media portal, we’ve all got familiar with the automated responses of these websites and online arenas. These replies are surely the instant ones but the audience often feels impersonal and rejected with them. To win the hearts of your audience and make an impact on the overall industry, it’s necessary for the clients to ask their community managers to go with an adequate mix of both automated and customized human response. And the ones with a good experience in this art can take the brand to the untouched and unimagined heights of success.