Here’s What Domain Authority Means In SEO?

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Domain Authority or DA for short is an analytical metric used to understand the position of a webpage on the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. The Domain Authority of a webpage can be anywhere between 1 and 100; the score that is assigned is an indicator of the likely positioning of a webpage on the SERP. Using this metric, marketing and SEO professionals can optimize the content to maximize clicks.

Digital Marketing Services in Delhi like TYC Communication can assist your business to improve the domain authority score of your content and compare it with your competitor’s scores to gain valuable market insight.


There are various free-to-use and accessible platforms to check the domain authority score of a webpage, like the Mozbar, the Keyword Explorer, and Domain Analysis Tool. Many other SEO tools and platforms also have their own indicators of Domain Authority information.


Domain Authority scoring software takes into account various data points before determining the DA of a webpage. SEO platforms compile the information to calculate the definite domain authority score.

Some of the factors the software evaluates include the total number of links to the site and the number of linking root domains. This is done to understand the traffic being routed to the webpage. The higher the score, the more probable a site is to appear high on the SERPs.


Every new website starts with a DA score of 1. Depending upon the quality of content and external links, the DA score can rise over time. Small sites, in general, have fewer links directing to them and, as a result, have a smaller DA score. The ideal domain authority score is not determined by the number itself, but rather by the scores of competing sites on SERPs.


Domain Authority scores are refreshed on a periodic basis and deviate over time.  The DA score of a site is also relative; it is influenced by the competitor’s performance. This means that scores are unlikely to stay stable- they increase and decrease rapidly.

 It takes work to keep a consistently high score, which requires the optimization of your content and keeping a sharp eye for spam or broken links.


Focusing on the quality of links on your page is the right way to attain a high DA score. Marketers need to focus on creating good quality content that brings high-authority backlinks to the webpage.

Repurposing old content with better structure and keeping an eye on the competitor’s strategies will definitely help your efforts to optimize the score.


Domain Authority is an effective tool to gauge the effectiveness and performance of a website. Marketers can use this tool to evaluate how well their SEO campaign is progressing. Domain Authority is not an official ranking tool, it merely estimates the probable position of the webpage based on a variety of different ranking factors. For Indian businesses looking to optimize their DA score, the Best Social Media Agency in DelhiTYC Communication, is the right option for your future growth.

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