Components of a Successful Public Relations Strategy

Public relations strategy involve the way one communicates inside and outside their organization, events they plan, way in which they need to involve in the community and also the way in which the crisis needs to be managed.  On an overall scale, we can say that PR strategy adopted by PR firms is mainly concerned with the way and style in which the media are portraying their client or his/her business. To help you better understand what all is included in PR strategy adopted mainly by PR companies in Delhi; we have outlined each piece along with its importance in creating your brand’s image:

        Corporate Communications

How businesses communicate with each other, both internally and externally, create its own voice called corporate communications.  Whether a startup or a seasoned business firm, you need to know that corporate communications strategy is the backbone of the overall public relations strategy adopted by PR professionals working in PR consultants in Delhi. It uses the brand’s voice to express important messages to the audience in a way that they are able to understand.

        Media Relations

Media relations refer to the relationship shared by an organization with the press. In order to be successful, you need to have a great relationship with the correct contact person from the relevant news outlets to ensure that business gets well portrayed in the eyes of the target audience. And, this is when the traditional and digital PR services provided by PR agencies in Delhi come handy in creating a symbiotic relationship between the press and businesses.

        Community Relations

Whether you or your business both are part of a community and it’s the good community relations only which establishes your business’ presence and the perceptions of others in the mind of the target audience. PR firms in Delhi are available in many ways with which your business can get involved in the community.

        Crisis Management

The way you handle a crisis or any other unexpected situation can make or break your business. Having a PR agency in Delhi, all prepped up with crisis management plan in place allows your business to operate as normally as possible even if the toughest crisis lands down on your shoulder.  The PR professionals are very much trained and aware of handling these situations and preserving the brand’s hard earned reputation in the market.

Public Relations involves many activities and strategies that combine up to build a positive image of the business in the eyes of the target audience. Having a plan in place can keep these efforts organized and create the image you want for your business.


Gaining a deep insight into the world of Fashion PR

Public Relations (PR) has been there in the marketing and business arena since long, but it was only in the 2000s that people in India widely started looking it as an essential business element. It was then only that a whole sector named Public Relation sector was dedicated to this essential function. Since then the industry has gone through many changes which have resulted in separate specialised departments being formed for Digital PR, Fashion PR, Corporate PR, and PR for Startups and many others.

Among the various sub-departments available in the PR companies of Delhi, it is the Fashion PR department that attracts fresher’s the most. When asking for a reason, it is mostly found that it is the glamour quotient of attending cool parties, meeting major celebrities and designers and working closely with the designers. But what these young newcomers are unaware of is the stress and hard work that goes into the overall working. It might look like Fashion Public Relation is all about meeting celebrities, but in actuality it’s about handling the media relations of the particular brand, ensuring proper coverage’s and interviews of the celebrity guests rather than enjoying the event.

The professionals looking out to try their luck in the Fashion Public Relation department of any of the top PR consultants in Delhi need to make sure that they always reflect an air of professionalism even when all sorts of glamour, celebrity meetings and high-end parties are happening around them. Other jobs can be once in a while be restricted to 8 to 9 hours job but when opting for a career in PR, especially in Fashion PR make sure to be chipper and ready to go 24*7.

Persistence is the key to rising above in the realm of Fashion PR. In starting, it might be possible that the entry-level jobs will result only in doing media and celebrity registrations which might demoralize the fresher a bit. But, what they don’t see is that this exposure is helping them with the opportunity of being sociable and interacting with the fashion fraternities along with handling their clients and associates.

Journalists involved the fashion world, are much more honest than those working for other respective fields. If thinking to get into the Fashion PR world offered by Public Relation agenciess in Delhi, then it’s a must to have excellent writing skills. Your job involves corresponding in writing with journalists via press releases and pitch notes. The ones dealing with the fashion world are a tough nut to crack as they ought to reject the story even for one single mistake in writing a line as they have lines of events happening in the city. So, it’s suggested to develop excellent writing skills before entering the world of Fashion PR.

4 PR Mistakes that Startups Must Avoid

A ton of great entrepreneurs come up with some amazing and innovative business ideas, but there are only a few who are able to succeed in this highly competitive market. It is not only the idea that brings success in the market, but it is also the play of marketing strategies that you are adopting to succeed in the market. And, with public relations (PR) being one of the most essential marketing strategies, Startups need to make sure that they are wisely and surely using it. Here are some major misconceptions startups have when considering PR.

The “We don’t need PR” state of mind

We know when you are planning to start a business of your own; you have a million things to do on your own. But, ignoring the specialized PR facilities will surely increase your work burden with media not accepting your invites as they don’t know you. To make the media professionals aware of your plan and to make sure they are there at your launch and later doing stories about the same, it’s necessary for you as a startup to hire the best possible PR agency in Delhi and avail their wide range of services. But make it clear in your mind, great and effective media coverage of launch can be guaranteed when you have one of the PR companies in Delhi assisting you a year to six months prior.

 Ignoring the value of “regular PR efforts”

Startups usually have the misconception of thinking PR as a simple and quite easy work practice. But, they are not aware of the sweat and pain that goes into getting even single media coverage by a PR companies in Delhi. For the PR efforts to be more effective and benefitting the startups need to engage more with the PR professionals in strategizing plans to approach and convince media about their story’s strength. Entrepreneurs coming up with their businesses anytime soon or are planning to expand their business need further to understand that PR is not a one time- effort but instead is a practice that requires consistency and nurturing from time to time.

Thinking of themselves as the best storytellers

Yes, it’s true that nobody better than the company people knows their products best, but, this doesn’t mean they will also be the best ones to present the story of their products to the media. Startups need to understand that media doesn’t pick any random story but is interested in stories that hold the capacity to make an impact and the PR professionals working in the PR companies in Delhi are expert in doing this job.

Expecting results immediately and instantly

Building a brand and creating awareness in a customer’s mind is not a thing that will happen overnight. With a huge number of PR campaigns happening in the city, PR cosultants in Delhi expect to start seeing media placements at approximately three months into the campaign. Whether using the traditional PR tools or the Digital PR ones, as the PR campaign progresses the number of PR placements is sure to rise exponentially. As long as the campaign continues, the number of PR placements will increase exponentially. So, instead of expecting instant coverage’s in media, it would be better if you guide them with more product and company insight so that they are able to draft some impactful stories better.

How to secure a good internship in PR industry

Every year, thousands of media and communication students along with their CVs are all prepped up to find the best possible internship in the best Public Relation (PR) firm from a huge lot of PR companies in Delhi. This is perhaps the most important time in everybody’s career with every single move being crucially judged and scrutinised. However, this can be a positive thing for your budding career as hard work done during this initial period and can land you with great employment opportunities. Here are some tips that will help you secure an internship in the best possible PR agency in Delhi:

  1. Remove the clutter from your CV

Whether you are a recent school or university pass out or seeking a change in career path, one thing to be clear with is the fact that the CV is a concise view of your educational and work experience till date. Even if it might not contain anything directly relating to PR the key trick here is to highlight specific achievements and identify how these skills can relate to the PR practice. Don’t make it too long instead keep it punchy and concise. PR involves pitching client’s ideas to journalists, and your CV gives you the first opportunity to pitch yourself to employers.

  1. Remove unnecessary things from your social media profile

According to many recent research and studies, people spend most of their time in updating and surfing on their social media accounts. Hence, your social media profile is a mirror image of the person who you are. No matter how liberal and fun-loving your employer might look like, but they won’t accept a person is posting shameful photos across the Internet. So beware, if you have something like that in your social media profiles, remove it at the earliest because social networking sites are one of the first places employers will look after they have seen your CV.

  1. Try to familiarise with the workings of the agency

When applying for an internship, the company you choose from the many PR companies in Delhi always has the opportunity to quiz you on their client base, competitors, campaigns among other related questions. So it’s best to be prepared beforehand.  Most company websites provide information about their workings even if not it’s your responsibility to dig up a little. Adequate preparation will not only calm your nerves for the interview but will also show your enthusiasm and passion for working with them.

  1. Don’t forget to do the follow-ups

In a day PR Consultants in Delhi get thousands of internship applications and responding each one of them is simply not possible. Here, you need to take charge remind them about your application and try to familiarise with them. While doing so, make sure to keep your tone positive and friendly. This quality of being proactive and following up again translates to enthusiasm in you.

  1. Try to improve your interview skills

Interview practice is crucial before facing the actual interview round. Have a friend or family member prepare you with the competency questions well in advance. This will help you in boosting your confidence and giving right answers. The trick is to be clear, concise and calm and these can only be achieved with adequate preparation.

Why Public Relations is a Better Option than Advertising in 2017

To promote a new start-up company, people usually go for the straight up advertisement way or the PR way. These two industries are very different even though they’re commonly confused as being the same.

Public Relations (PR) is the practice of developing communication between marketers and the target audience using all types of media vehicles such as print, Television and the internet. Public Relations (PR) for an organization or individual is nothing but gaining exposure that influences the audiences in creating a positive image just like advertising but in an altogether different manner and style.

PR is not advertising; it is a separate branch of marketing which is developed exclusively for image management, brand building, media interaction, media relations, market outreach, event coverage and crisis management. A company that hires an advertising agency with the motive of getting a place in the newspaper, magazine or Television pays a huge amount for the media for purchasing the space or time slot. Whereas PR is a non-paid form of marketing and promotion and a PR agency develops strategies for the client to gain coverage endorsed by the end of a journalist in a subtle manner. PR professionals develop a range of tactics to gain positive media attention for a brand, which helps to aware your target audiences about your company and brand and marketer (You).

In present times, public relations is playing a very vital role in the branding and promotion of the companies that hire a PR agency for promoting their brand and services and uplifting their market image. But, Advertising and PR are similar in the way that both convey a message to their clients and target audience. However, they convey that message differently in using different strategies and tactics.

Being a smart business leader, you need to understand the difference between advertising and PR to determine which approach is more effective and budget friendly for your business. Since in Advertising you’re paying for space, you have creative control over what goes into that ad. But in Public Relation You have no control over how the media presents your information if they decide to use your info at all. They’re not obligated to cover your event or publish your press release just because you sent something to them. Advertising also has a longer shelf life than PR.  However, PR professionals help you to communicate your message with your target audience in a variety of channels – traditional as well as unconventional social media channels. The key to enhancing your reach is to place your message in the channels that your clients or potential customers enjoy using.

When you are alone, you may achieve good or bad relations. However, by using PR effectively, you can build strong relationships and maintain a sound reputation at all times and in all circumstances. Whether your customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders buy your services or not, in fact, it depends on your reputation and market image. Public relations differentiates you from your competitors and gives you an edge over them.