Why do you need to hire a professional branding company?

When you start with a business, you come across several ups and downs, tension and woes, many of which may even not belong to your core area of expertise. Creating an effective branding strategy is one such situation which may not be understood by most of the entrepreneurs and industry professionals. But, being a brand is a necessity that no business or any industry can neglect. This is when hiring a professional branding company comes in handy and helps the company owners to lead the industry with their brand.

Working with a professional branding company will help you earn an invaluable expert counseling that will guide you and your business with even the toughest of the situations with immense ease. The central focus of the professional branding company is to identify your company’s core values and highlight it in the brand’s image that will be presented in the market. Here is a list of things that you need to look out for when selecting a professional branding company for your organisation:

Finding the Value

The first step in branding personnel to do is to evaluate the business and assess the marketplace thoroughly before recommending any image improving agents. They can either assist you with mere visual branding (logo, typestyle, and colors) or can help you with a mix of all elements of branding including this other than visual branding like, how your phone is answered and how your product is packaged.

Deciding the Right Time

It might be difficult for you to believe, but it’s true that an entrepreneur needs to hire a professional branding company even before the start of the business. Defining who you are is an important part of branding that needs to be done in the planning stage itself as only then you can better explain the team what they need to do for the success of the company. Any type of confusion in the brand message will lead to a complete disaster and wastage of resources.

Selecting the Perfect One

The best way to select the perfect branding company for your organization is to have a look at how well the other companies in the industry have conveyed their brand message. Do some homework regarding what their website offers in the message, is the tone of message professional and succinct, and other things before starting your search for a branding company. If you are not comfortable with this method, then it’s better to research the branding companies and professionals providing services in your domain. Make sure you do all the necessary research work and check out all the potential service providers and their services. Keep in mind the one you hire needs to be good at the kind of counseling you are seeking.

Deciding the Budget

It’s tough to tell you an exact guideline to decide the pay for the expertise of the branding personnel’s. But the price tag generally depends on two major components, i.e., the expertise they offer and the level of involvement you require. If you wish to their involvement only in visual elements, then the expenses are set to be quite cheap. But as their scope of involvement broadens, so increases their price tag. Since the future of your company’s at stake, you certainly need to consider hiring the best branding professionals you can afford. And, The Yellow Coin Communication located at New Delhi is one such branding agency that offers the best branding practices of the lot, to help you raise as the brand you think to be.


Public Relations is the best Branding tool for Startups

Marketing is the need of every company, be it a startup or the seasoned one, yet most still ignore the fact that Public Relations (PR) is the essence of the marketing mix and needs to be done on a priority basis. Public relation used as a tool for gathering news stories is the most powerful way of creating a positive image of a company in the market. Now let’s discuss how PR services outshine all other marketing tools and are referred as the best branding tool for startups.  

In today’s digital world, it’s necessary to have good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rank in order to get noticed by the target audience in this overly crowded digital environment. And, to get good ranks in the SEO chart sheets, the search engine demands authentic content and authoritative back links. This is when PR comes handy; it’s the duty of PR professionals to get news coverage in publications and online news websites. These coverages hold in the start-up website’s link with them. The more the coverage’s, more are the number of authoritative back links as what goes in publication also gets posted online in the form of e-papers.

An advertisement is a paid form of reaching and attracting a consumer base while on the other hand, Public Relations (PR) is a free form of marketing tool which is designed to be a part of the news section. We can say that the former is designed to sell the story while the latter is designed to tell the story.  Advertising reaches specific target audiences whereas, public relations depending on the company’s size and media contacts can get the company news coverage in big publications, local business journals, and trade magazines that usually has a wider audience. So in simple words, advertising is expensive and a less effective mode of branding as compared to public relations as the latter by coming up in the news section makes an instant and long-lasting impact on the audience mind which an advertisement mostly lacks to do at one go. The news coverage not just focuses on the company’s particular products or services rather improvise the image of the company as a whole. A good PR campaign done by a reputed PR company, by doing your third-party endorsement familiarizes the people with your company and establishes trust.

Now that it is clear how Public Relations tools are helping in SEO and are more powerful than advertising in branding, it is important to understand that getting news coverage is not guaranteed unless and until you hire a good PR Agency for your company. Branding is an important part of the business promotion and only an experienced team of PR professionals are able to handle this feat. So, make it a point to do a good and rich research and then hire the best suited PR Agency for your organization.

The Future of PR and Branding in India

Public relations (PR) have existed in our country since two decades ago. It started when multinational corporations entered India after the government opened up the gates for them to improve the economy of the country. Various PR consultants in Delhi and other metros came into existence and offered strategic advice and integrated communication solutions. Though there has been many changes in the PR since then, but the sole motive remains the same i.e. to enhance the image of an organization and keep the brand in the eyes of the people, by being a mediator between the two.

The role of PR in the marketing world gained importance with time, and in the present scenario almost every organisation needs a PR company to handle its public relations and branding woes. A PR firm’s role and efficiency is of utmost use for any organisation seeking to build a relationship with its target audience.

PR is all about the content development and management, but in today’s multi-media world, there are many innovative technologies and programs to create and disseminate this content. According to Muck Rack, 92% of the journalists prefer the e-mail pitches over the hard copies one. With social media by their side, PR professionals also have the ability to tweet their press release to targeted influencers and comment on market trends in forums and blogs.

PR consultants in Delhi have undergone a dramatic transformation; they are no longer depending only on the traditional media but are presently emphasizing more on the digital PR strategies. The rise of social networks in recent years has been one of the greatest agents of the change in the media and PR firms. PR companies in Delhi are no longer judged by the sheer number of impressions, so multimedia utilization is important. Visual media such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs are considerably more relevant when defining success.

Today PR companies in Delhi have opened doors for many job opportunities for those people interested in the field. Public relations (PR) is not easy as it seems. It required lot of innovative ideas and different tactics to promote the client and gets its coverage done positively. Maintaining a healthy relations with the media outlets is an integral part of PR because it is the journalists with whom PR experts contact to their client’s coverage.

Hence, the scopes of opportunities are increasing and PR professionals need to continue to adopt forward thinking and accept the innovators. PR companies still control the facts but they must collaborate with the like of influencers and bloggers, so they don’t face backlash.

Which are the best branding companies in India?

When you start with a business, there are piles of work to do and a number of problems and tensions to handle. Amongst all this chaos what often gets left behind is the most crucial part of business called branding. It’s true that most of the companies decide to invest in it right at their planning stage, but due to the specialization it needs, mostly what comes out as a brand gets all messed up with confusing elements. So, it’s better to hire a professional branding agency to handle the specialized field instead of messing it up with your naïve efforts.

Choosing a right branding agency will not only address a business need like that of getting a new logo or brand name but will also change or improvise the way you look at your business. So, to make sure you choose the best branding agency for your company, here is a list of things to check out for in all probable service providers.

  1. Good knowledge about the field

This is the most important thing to know about the probable agency candidate, you are looking to depend upon at. At the introductory stage, most branding agencies will try to impress you out with the most impressive examples of their work, and will showcase their largest of the clients. But, what you need to think beyond all this and focus on is if they are able to deliver a satisfactory solution to your business problem or not. And, for the branding agency to deliver you the best solution it’s necessary for them to have thorough knowledge about your working and about your industry.

  1. Creative in their approach

There is no easy way out when it comes to branding. But with branding being a crucial element of a successful business, it’s important to hire a branding agency that offers creative ideas and innovative plans that will set you in the market better than the rest and strengthens you to be the leading one in the industry.  You should keep an eye for the knowledge base of the agency regarding the branding, design and marketing trends.

  1. Excellent client-base

Past results of an agency speaks a lot about their caliber to handle a business problem. Being a probable client of the agency, feel free to ask for metrics, analytics, reports and other things like that which have the potential to portray the past results in measurable formats. This will help you better develop an insight about the agency’s caliber. The better the past client- base is more probable are the chances of a particular agency in leading you to success.

  1. Check on their versatility quotient

Make it a point that before going to search out for the branding agency, you need to have a proper understanding about what your business problem is all about and what are the services and deliverables you are expecting. There are quite a many tasks that not all branding agencies can do and are outsourcing it to the freelancers. So, be sure to ask their core capabilities and what all can they control confidentially even while outsourcing. Remember, the more in- house capabilities they have, the better work can they deliver.

The Yellow Coin Communication is one such Branding Agency in Delhi that reflects the presence of all the above mentioned traits and till now is successful in leading their clients from a journey to being mere someone in the industry to now being a successful brand in the market.