Monthly Social Media Round up – August 2017

Missed few updates about social media last month? No worries, we have some intriguing updates and amazing news for you here. August was an entertaining and informative month. So, in order to keep you in the loop with the fast moving world of social media, we bring you news from one of your favorite social media sites first.

Facebook has now made our lives easier by introducing some new features for community manager as well as Facebook users; page admin will now be able to private message from the public comment area, also create and save response to common questions. Now, Facebook also implemented a new algorithm that uses a unique method to detect spam content which targets users who post more than fifty-times a day. So, don’t get targeted!

Instagram has some interesting update for the selfie lover and users obsessed with their pictures that are no longer limited to uploading in a square photo; they now support landscape and portrait images as well. Users can now view live feeds of their friends and can make a ‘Live’ video of their own which shows the user in real-time, wherever they are at the moment. The startling fact is now you can go ‘Live’ with your friends at the same time, cryptic? Well, this goes by splitting your screen with the user and the best part is you can end or add or change the user whenever you want by ending the conversation with the current user or by sending an invite to the new one.

We see a lot of updates from our favorite app YouTube lately, in the month of July, a startling update was that the users can now view video thumbnail which shows a three-second preview. This month YouTube brings “No more black bar” on vertical videos which is accessible through the palm of our hands and shareable via a single click. What’s more? Well, a new logo too.

LinkedIn brings some new features too, they have introduced a cool app called “LinkedIn Lookup” that will help you find or communicate or contact your co-worker. The best part is email can also be sent directly from the app. LinkedIn is now letting users add multiple images which were earlier restricted to just one image, now you can flaunt your business bigly. In order to create more traffic, LinkedIn has now made necessary for the users to log in first to view any content on the site.

Twitter has now made it easier for us to get in touch with our friends or co-workers or relatives by shifting the “messages” section on the bottom row of the screen and “profile” tab on the left of our mobile screens permanently.

Hootsuite makes scheduling of Instagram posts like never before; Instagram has cracked down the third party tool in the past that have automatically posted to Instagram account but now you can schedule your post on Hootsuite! Isn’t it great? This update is very convenient and time killing; seems good news for the people who are already aware of the app and uses this app to manage the social network.


How Social Media can help with PR

With the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and so many other newer platforms, social media has become as much a professional staple as a personal one. Many businesses are failing to utilize social media for PR, small or online based businesses both. If you need improvement in your business, try to use direct engagement with both customers and the press. Social media is perfect for both.

Social media can be useful for you business along with Pr in more ways than you can think. To get started, here are a few tips –

Most PR Companies  in Delhi publish social media friendly content  such as case studies which are a great option. They are some of the most powerful quantifiers you can use on the web. Not only do they present clear, concise data, but they also offer perspective in the results. More than that, if you present it in the right way you can elicit an emotional response that will prompt engagement and potentially sharing. The case studies of companies are often shared and cited by the major media outlets. Add in visuals, and you have the perfect content for social sharing, all with the aim of improving PR and brand image.

Blogger’s coverage – Do not ignore the blogosphere. Startup PR firm in Delhi collaborate often with bloggers in association with their clients. It is the perfect link between social media and PR as bloggers are active on social media and many of them are closely monitored by journalists. You need to get mentioned by the bloggers. To get featured you need to be a contributor.  Guest posting at a well-known blog is a good way to get media coverage. Provide your expertise wherever needed. Being featured in a expert interview is a good way to make yourself more discoverable by journalists looking for quotes on a topic. Get your service or product reviewed. Whether you pro-actively seek coverage or not, your product will probably be reviewed by users anyways. Blogger reviews work great for potential media coverage as well.

Connect with the press on social media – The media relies quite a lot on social media to pick up content. They often share a shocking amount of information from the web these days.  Not just details to enhance stories, but entire stories. Use of hashtags on twitter are often covered by major news outlets. Thereby we can see that social media sites have become a solid part of journalism.

Social media can offer you a fast way to go about connecting with the media. By strategic use if hashtags and social media tagging, you can get a solid media coverage, provided you have a good story to cover.

Despacito Becomes Most-watched Music Video on YouTube


If you haven’t heard/watched the song Despacito, we recommend you go do it right away! It’s the song of the year and is breaking records all over on planet earth. And now it has broken all previous records of any other songs ever recorded. Yes, the music video by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee song “Despacito” has become the most-watched YouTube video of all time. With just under three billion views, it knocks Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth track “See You Again” – the official song for Fast & Furious 7 – into second place.

The hit single, which features Justin Bieber, has enjoyed stratospheric success since its release seven months ago becoming the most streamed song in the world just last month with global streams of more than 4.6 billion plays. We have compiled a list of the 5 most loved and viewed music video of all times (considering recent statistics). Dance track “Despacito” – which translates as “slowly” – has reached number one in 45 different countries, including the UK, since its release in January and was the first Spanish-language song to do so since “Macarena” in 1996. We know most of you don’t really know the lyrics. But who cares? Really! This number doesn’t need lyrics to be understood. Even Justin Beiber who collaborated with the artists of the original song couldn’t utter more than two words properly. That was a major fail when at a concert he refused to sing the track due to not knowing the lyrics. But that’s entirely a different topic. What we are here for is Despacito being famously played in every country that we probably know of. Not just in clubs and parties, this track is so peppy and it makes you want to groove even when you are taking a long drive in the middle of the night with a bunch of friends. If you are not amongst the three billion viewers, we are generous enough to let you watch it now. Check the link below and enjoy the song of the year!…or probably song of the decade!

Despacito is followed by See you again which garnered the most views almost two years back. See you again” featuring Charlie Puth outstripped “Gangnam Style” to become the most watched video in July 2017. But it only held the top spot for a few weeks before it was also overtaken.

Cult classic “Gangnam Style” took the world by storm when it was released in 2012. The South Korean K-pop single was the first YouTube video to reach one billion views. Since then, it has now rocketed to 2.9 billion watches. The song topped the charts in more than 30 countries and even then-Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama were seen bopping with its iconic moves. Need we say more? Watch the video and dance along the pop number.

This compilation of most watched videos would be incomplete without a Justin Beiber song, isn’t it? So, all the beleiebers don’t be disheartened. The peppy number “Sorry” is still hitting the top charts, being the 4th most viewed music video of all time. Who can resist this groovy track? Not us! The 2015 track has been watched around 2.7 billion times, while “Baby”, the track that is to thank for Bieber’s fame, languishes with less than 1.7 billion views.

The official video for “Uptown funk” featuring Bruno Mars has nearly 2.6 billion views. Released in November 2014, the song won three Grammy awards. It hit a record 2.34 million listens in a week in the UK when it was released in January, before spending seven weeks as number one in the Singles Chart. This number was so uber cool that it still plays in every club you go for a night out to dance. If you don’t know the moves to this dance number, it’s high time you do! Watch and learn maybe?

These songs are forever going to playing in clubs and in our minds…today and maybe for 10 more years. What about you?

Effects of Social Media on Public Relations

Studies suggest that social media is an integral part of the lives of PR professionals these days. Almost 80% of the PR professionals feel that social media is absolutely necessary in their day to day lives and that they cannot do their job without it. Most of them admit that they don’t even feel the need to do the fact-check when they use social media. Social Media has definitely had its impact on the public relations industry over the years. There have been quite a lot of changes in the PR industry due to the emergence of social media. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Direct Contact with people – Social media encourages interaction. Professionals get to be in direct contact with their clients/ customers through various social media platforms. With social media providing a wide variety of marketing tools in platforms like Facebook, Twitter both public relations and advertising can be specifically targeted for a unique customer base. Hence, most PR Companies in Delhi practices the rule of interacting more and more with the target audience to increase the chances of their social media posts reach-count to go higher and higher. Therefore, social media provides the means to save money when trying to reach your people because you won’t be paying for people who aren’t interested to see your stories.

2. Creating engaging content – Let’s face it. The hunger for engaging content that grabs the reader’s attention is increasing every day. With the ease of opening an account on any number of social media platforms as well as creating a blog – everyone looks for stories that create a bond with their audience. And if possible, these stories have not been told before. PR is no longer able to shoot out the same story for every journalist to use. But, the good news is that when you get this right, the entire world will start sharing your article with And that is possible now only if you digitalize your work sphere.

3. Integrating services. By now we all know that social media encompasses a wide variety of essential elements that we use on a daily basis for work and otherwise. It is forcing many different PR firms to broaden the scope of their organisations. Especially, the PR Consultants in Delhi are including different aspects of social media to their business. PR agencies are integrating advertising people, digital marketing people, and big data specialists into their teams to provide a complete package for their customers. Gone are the days when most PR firms stuck strictly to PR work. That is because social media efforts require the full team.

We can see how social media’s effect on PR industry is increasing every day. Social media is definitely not going anywhere, and hence it is only wise for the PR industry to slowly but smartly integrate social media into their sphere of work. So for all the PR Companies in Delhi, you’ll need to think bigger, do more, and constantly look for the stories that can become game-changers in your business and for your clients.