Why is it necessary to boost up the Internal PR strategies?

The first thing that strikes in the minds of business mangers and startup handlers, when they first listen about public relation is that it is all about external communication and client satisfaction. Most of them don’t even know that there is something called internal PR too that is crucial for the way an organization works internally. Most of us are unaware of the term, but the concept involved in this term has always been part of the discussion. And as the workplaces start evolving into the digital platform and teams start working even more remotely, it’s become even more critical now than ever before.

Effective internal PR strategy don’t just benefits the brand image, but also boosts employee retention capability and paves in way for a more united approach wherein teams are more focused at common collaborative goals. Whether it’s a big organization or a small team of workers, the management team needs to improve their internal PR strategy to pitch in desired results. Here are some three creative ways to boost your organization’s internal PR as the industry switches toward the digital revolution.

Be open for their thoughts and ideas

An organization does things the best when its members are motivated and committed to do their work at their best. The managers need to turn mentors for their team; guiding them on their path and assigning them all with tasks that develops a sense of ownership of work in them. Get into casual chats and friendly lunch or dinner with the team, this will help you know each one of them better as a person and will also help them develop a trust bond with you. The concept of openness belongs to all, even the clients, as the ideas can pop in from almost anywhere.

Ensure the consistent two-way communication approach

Consistency and prioritization goes hand in hand when it comes to boosting employee morale. With internal PR the management encourages discussions and open up for the doubts and queries of the employees to get to the best practices and solutions. The PR professionals handling the internal PR also ensure that all employees receive timely notifications and updates regarding the projects, new clients and business announcements. This consistent communication approach between the employees and the management is what that ensures collective innovation and developing individual responsibility.

Team work needs to be duly recognized

By voicing their views and demands to the upper management levels with the help of internal PR, team leaders ensure that each professional working under them is more inclined at producing results which further positively impacts the client experience. The members of the team feel motivated with the recognition of their work because it confirms the positive impact both at the core and bottom line.

Precisely talking, Internal PR has no longer just remained the little brother of an external PR strategy; rather, it has now become a key operation driving and aligning the entire organization. Consistent communication and open cultured system makes up for an environment that brings on higher level of employee engagement and employee productivity, leading to higher revenues in  the extremely competitive market.


PR is the Success Mantra of Many Delhi Based Startups

Most of the startups in India face a tough challenge when it comes down to Public Relations. The companies very well know that they have to create a buzz through the Public Relation channels but unfortunately lack the manpower and assets to stir it up. The PR companies in Delhi provide a major helping hand for startups to establish their name and to get the hype going.

Here are the key reasons why PR is the golden mantra for many Delhi based startups:-

  • The biggest factor is the acquisition of customers. Startup PR agencies in Delhi have helped the upcoming new startups to gain more customers over time.
  • A startup always needs fund to meet their demands and here too, the PR comes into play. Positive coverage about the company will give an upper hand to the company’s reputation. The PR firms in Delhi ensure that the startups get enough funds to expand their organisation.
  • The PR agencies in Delhi write engaging and convincing stories so as to grab the attention of the journalists. They have sufficient connections with the media and hence help build a network with journalists.
  • The PR helps in the positioning of new products and services of the startups among the Indian customers.
  • Focused and customised communications will be offered to all the startups and this will tremendously boost their performance.
  • The PR helps in reaching out to tech blogs which can establish the startups’ social media presence. Tech blogs are visited by a number of readers daily and this can be a huge boost for the business just starting out.
  • The PR agencies in Delhi help arrange interviews and public appearances for the executives of the startups so that the startups’ aim can be better reached out to the Indian customers.

An ideal time for a startup to invest in a PR agency would be couple of months before the launch of their product or services.  The investment in Public Relations should be considered as a long term option because the customers need to know the efforts of the startup. The PR Agencies in Delhi help the companies to grow from a startup to a full known brand.  All in all, they make sure that the conversations regarding the startup among the public remains positive and the negative false reviews will be taken care of.


In an enormously populated country like India, marketing heavily depends on the help from Public Relations. The goal of marketing is to promote their own products to potential consumers in such a way as to instill values and enhance revenue. Whereas, Public Relations help in increasing the reputation of the firm among the general public so that the people are more receptive to the marketing techniques. The most cost effective way to enhance your marketing, whether it be for a new business or existing one is by Public Relations. The PR companies in Delhi act as a huge backbone in the Indian marketing communication scenario. The roles of PR in marketing communication in India are as follows:

  • The publicising of events and news of the company
  • Promotion of the products or services which are already established
  • The PR services in Delhi have helped to create a lot of favourable image for different companies.
  • The sales conferences ‘and sales promotion events ‘media coverage will be hugely attracted by the PR.
  • Programs which revolve around consumerism will be assisted throughout.
  • PR helps in the arrangement and publicising of marketing spokesperson’s public appearances.
  • The PR agencies in Delhi ensure that people are aware of the existence of the product manufacturers. They enhance general awareness and helps in the direct marketing.
  • Attraction of new customers is another role of the PR. The Public relations make sure that your companies get a good exposure which enables customers to choose your products or services over your competitors.
  • Securement of partnerships with potential investors for your business is a huge role that PR undertakes. With the right PR companies and services, your new business can take a huge leap and flourish within a matter of time. This is exactly what the PR companies and services in Delhi have to offer.
  • Attraction of prospective employees has been yet another function of PR in the marketing of businesses. When your company gets a name and has established itself as a leading industry, highly qualified employees will want to get hired by your company.

Thus the bond between the local community, organisation and its investors is increased with the help of Public Relations. If the company faces any issue or is in the blacklist among the consumers for unjustified reasons, it can be greatly reduced by PR. PR gives a big support in terms of publicity of the product. In India, we have seen that big companies such as Cadbury and also the MNC Coca Cola faced a lot of controversies each for their own respective reasons and PR helped them to surpass the difficulties.

Public Relations help in the establishment of your business externally as well as internally. An ideal choice to kick start your marketing plans would be the PR services in Delhi. After all, who does not need a simple and effective measure to aid their company’s growth?


The PR companies in Delhi aim to generate as many funds for upcoming startups for their all-round needs. In today’s economy, raising funds for startups is not such an easy task. The strategy used by the startups in India is the common way of asking for donations. This is usually followed up by returning the favour through methods such as flyers, banners, programs etc. Of course, all these methods are important, but in the long run, it has limitations.

The key to winning donations is by passing on the right message. This is exactly what is achieved by startups through various professional startup PR agencies in Delhi.

  • The startup PR firms in Delhi can raise awareness among the public regarding the aim of the startup.
  • The PR can help the startup to target potential fundraising audiences and thus enhance the level of commitment.
  • The Public Relation professionals are good story tellers. They can spread the message of how fundraising made a huge difference and thus impact the way customers think.
  • The startup PR agencies in Delhi can help encourage donations for fundraising. A strong case study library can be established which in turn motivates the fundraisers and donors.
  • The PR ensures that meeting takes between them and the fundraisers. Exchange of information is key in maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • The difference between donors and supporters need to be understood by the fundraisers. Donors are the ones who give donations while supporters give their time to volunteer. The PR helps the fundraisers in this regard
  • In the present scenario, almost everyone uses Social Media in India. The PR companies in Delhi can ensure that the right audience is reached to generate enough income.
  • In fundraising campaigns, usage of PR can be measured to find how much it contributed.

Fundraising should be considered as a specialization of Public Relations. For the growth of revenue generation for startups, good communication is vital. An integrated and strong Public Relations will result in the count of supporters to increase. Thus PR plays an important role in fundraising for startups. The startup PR firms in Delhi are the ideal agencies to choose, if you want a successful income growth for your startup.

Monthly Social Media Round up – August 2017

Missed few updates about social media last month? No worries, we have some intriguing updates and amazing news for you here. August was an entertaining and informative month. So, in order to keep you in the loop with the fast moving world of social media, we bring you news from one of your favorite social media sites first.

Facebook has now made our lives easier by introducing some new features for community manager as well as Facebook users; page admin will now be able to private message from the public comment area, also create and save response to common questions. Now, Facebook also implemented a new algorithm that uses a unique method to detect spam content which targets users who post more than fifty-times a day. So, don’t get targeted!

Instagram has some interesting update for the selfie lover and users obsessed with their pictures that are no longer limited to uploading in a square photo; they now support landscape and portrait images as well. Users can now view live feeds of their friends and can make a ‘Live’ video of their own which shows the user in real-time, wherever they are at the moment. The startling fact is now you can go ‘Live’ with your friends at the same time, cryptic? Well, this goes by splitting your screen with the user and the best part is you can end or add or change the user whenever you want by ending the conversation with the current user or by sending an invite to the new one.

We see a lot of updates from our favorite app YouTube lately, in the month of July, a startling update was that the users can now view video thumbnail which shows a three-second preview. This month YouTube brings “No more black bar” on vertical videos which is accessible through the palm of our hands and shareable via a single click. What’s more? Well, a new logo too.

LinkedIn brings some new features too, they have introduced a cool app called “LinkedIn Lookup” that will help you find or communicate or contact your co-worker. The best part is email can also be sent directly from the app. LinkedIn is now letting users add multiple images which were earlier restricted to just one image, now you can flaunt your business bigly. In order to create more traffic, LinkedIn has now made necessary for the users to log in first to view any content on the site.

Twitter has now made it easier for us to get in touch with our friends or co-workers or relatives by shifting the “messages” section on the bottom row of the screen and “profile” tab on the left of our mobile screens permanently.

Hootsuite makes scheduling of Instagram posts like never before; Instagram has cracked down the third party tool in the past that have automatically posted to Instagram account but now you can schedule your post on Hootsuite! Isn’t it great? This update is very convenient and time killing; seems good news for the people who are already aware of the app and uses this app to manage the social network.

The Difference between PR and Publicity

The two terms Publicity and Public Relations (PR) are often termed synonymous but are in actuality two completely different disciplines. If you want to leverage the power of media in promoting your business then it’s a must for you to start with knowing the difference between Publicity and PR.

What all is Publicity?

Publicity is the art of attracting and achieving media’s attention and gaining as much market visibility with the public as possible. The primary focus of publicity is to achieve the maximum number of press coverage. The only thing involved with publicity is getting more the number of coverage, and it has nothing to do with how exactly media is portraying that particular event or story. This type of media stint will either up with good publicity or a bad one. Talking about the bad publicity it’s like making a story for an actress’s bad dressing style at her film’s promotional event instead of focusing on her tremendous performance in the movie. Turning towards good publicity, it’s like getting press coverage of a hometown boxer bringing home an Olympic gold medal after much struggle.

Considering the point that people don’t want always to read coring news and yearn for something unusual, interesting, exciting, and controversial and often an emotion provoking scandalous stuff. And, publicity stints are meant for info-tainment involving any of the above mentioned reactions. Media companies want to maintain high ratings with their audience and so chances of getting news stories involving publicity stints in media is quite easy. But such stories or news coverage can’t guarantee enhancement of your brand’s credibility or reputation.

What is Public Relations (PR)?

Public relation (PR) is the strategic process of getting positive media presence in order to maintain the reputation of an individual, organization or brand in the eyes of target audience. The difference between PR and publicity is simply that the former is concerned more with managing the reputation of the brand over simply getting tons of coverage and ink that the latter actually dies for. Publicity is one of the several tools that PR agencies at times use to shape up the consumer opinions favorably towards their client.

Damage control is also a characteristic feature that differs the two. One can earn a lot of publicity, especially the bad one if a thing or two goes wrong. However, use of PR is done for a completely opposite purpose. Instead of keeping the company’s reputation at stake, PR is more of repairing and uplifting the image of a company. This is known as crisis PR and this service is mostly provided with all the PR companies in Delhi but to get well- reputed position in market it is advised to go with the services of the reputed PR services in Delhi only.

Should You Get Publicity Or PR For Your Business?

According to the PR experts from the reputed PR firms, one should promote themselves or their organization with a great mix of both. Publicity should not be another strategy but instead it should be the part of PR strategy only.  The most important thing to remember is that a great PR strategy in hand is far better and valuable than the occasional mention in the paper or on television. Publicity is important as well to shape the way your audience perceives your brand and the credibility associated with it.

Different ways to get good Publicity

Public Relations (PR), a term that completely differs from advertising but is often treated synonymously to it. While in advertising, you have to pay to get your message in the publications, websites, blogs, T.V. channels and all the other mediums but with Public Relations, you share your message in the form of articles, tip, and press release to earn news coverage from the concerned media channel. With the help of public relation services, the article or any news story or coverage that you get in any media channel with your or your organization’s name doesn’t even demand a single penny.

Other than pricing there are several other factors too that makes publicity more effective than the advertising practices. It’s true that the former is not completely free but still its prices are way more pocket- friendly than advertising. Secondly, the impact of advertising when compared with that of publicity is extremely short lived. But with publicity a company is able to reach more audience than that of advertising because with publicity comes the articles praising the company in third party form which seems realistic to the audience and they treat it as much as the news only. The involvement of third party also adds up to the sense of greater credibility in the readers mind as they find that coverage more worthy at trying.

It’s been proved from time-to-time that companies, no matter big or small whether just a startup or quite a seasoned one lack behind in gaining the reasonable amount of publicity for their business because of not hiring a professional PR agency for their work.

Following are some ways using which the PR companies earn media coverage’s for their clients: 

  1. Getting media attention

This is the first and the most important step in the entire PR process. It involves calling and mailing all the possible media professionals working in the niche involving the news stories related to that of the clients of PR companies. Other than contacting the media from their side at times PR professionals from PR agencies in Delhi receive query seeking calls from various journalists. The PR experts help them with the required industrial inputs from their clients thus, helping the journalist with his/her story and getting the mention of the client as an industrial expert in the story.


  1. Drafting powerful message

The next big thing that a professional PR agency serves with is its ability to draft a powerful message creating a long lasting impact of the company’s positive brand image in the minds of target audience. By using a good mix of both the traditional and modern PR tools like Press Release, Interviews, SEO, Digital PR, etc. PR companies cater to the needs of their clients and completely transform the brand’s appearance into a positive one in the market.


  1. Tapping the social media networks

In this era of digitalization audiences of any target field irrespective of their ages are spending most of their time on the social media platforms. PR agencies have realized this as a great opportunity to publicize their clients as brands and industry experts. With their expertise and professionalism the professionals working at PR companies in Delhi use certain innovative and creative ideas along with the latest technologies to better touch and get hold of the audiences in several social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Keeping up with the media trends

The professionals working in PR agencies have a strong hold and knowledge about what all is going on in media and which is prevailing in the media houses. By closely following these trends, PR agencies in Delhi ensure that the message that is to be broadcasted in the media houses is drafted in accordance to the media trends so that it gets picked up by maximum number of media houses.