Why is it necessary to boost up the Internal PR strategies?

The first thing that strikes in the minds of business mangers and startup handlers, when they first listen about public relation is that it is all about external communication and client satisfaction. Most of them don’t even know that there is something called internal PR too that is crucial for the way an organization works internally. Most of us are unaware of the term, but the concept involved in this term has always been part of the discussion. And as the workplaces start evolving into the digital platform and teams start working even more remotely, it’s become even more critical now than ever before.

Effective internal PR strategy don’t just benefits the brand image, but also boosts employee retention capability and paves in way for a more united approach wherein teams are more focused at common collaborative goals. Whether it’s a big organization or a small team of workers, the management team needs to improve their internal PR strategy to pitch in desired results. Here are some three creative ways to boost your organization’s internal PR as the industry switches toward the digital revolution.

Be open for their thoughts and ideas

An organization does things the best when its members are motivated and committed to do their work at their best. The managers need to turn mentors for their team; guiding them on their path and assigning them all with tasks that develops a sense of ownership of work in them. Get into casual chats and friendly lunch or dinner with the team, this will help you know each one of them better as a person and will also help them develop a trust bond with you. The concept of openness belongs to all, even the clients, as the ideas can pop in from almost anywhere.

Ensure the consistent two-way communication approach

Consistency and prioritization goes hand in hand when it comes to boosting employee morale. With internal PR the management encourages discussions and open up for the doubts and queries of the employees to get to the best practices and solutions. The PR professionals handling the internal PR also ensure that all employees receive timely notifications and updates regarding the projects, new clients and business announcements. This consistent communication approach between the employees and the management is what that ensures collective innovation and developing individual responsibility.

Team work needs to be duly recognized

By voicing their views and demands to the upper management levels with the help of internal PR, team leaders ensure that each professional working under them is more inclined at producing results which further positively impacts the client experience. The members of the team feel motivated with the recognition of their work because it confirms the positive impact both at the core and bottom line.

Precisely talking, Internal PR has no longer just remained the little brother of an external PR strategy; rather, it has now become a key operation driving and aligning the entire organization. Consistent communication and open cultured system makes up for an environment that brings on higher level of employee engagement and employee productivity, leading to higher revenues in  the extremely competitive market.


5 reasons you’ll regret hiring a PR firm for your startup

It’s better to correct a thing several times and finally deliver it with perfection, instead of wasting the hard earned resources on some petty decisions taken in a hurry that make us regret in the later on period. We know when you start a business all on your own you have loads of pressure and expectations to cater to, but my dear friend only the one who deals with this pressure with calm and composure will lead in a better way.

Coming to the problem where most Indian startups lack behind is the way they handle public relations as a function. It’s good to see that presently instead of experimenting with PR on their own, they are outsourcing it to the PR Agencies for Startups. But even while outsourcing them certain things will make you regret your decision of hiring a PR Agency for your Startup, and here is a list of such things:

  1. They are not good story tellers: Yes, storytelling is the prime art in which PR professional need to be an expert in because for a story to make a long-time impact it needs to be told in a manner that attracts journalists almost instantly. Most of the PR persons lack behind in this art and often don’t reap many benefits to the start-ups even when they are providing them with numerous innovative points to highlight.
  2. They are always blabbering about past clients: It’s good for PR persons to tell about their previous clients to get the prospective clients on board.  But once on board, if these professionals are still blabbering about previous clients, instead of working on your project; then beware these people are good for nothing and will not reap you much media presence as claimed.
  3. They are themselves considering them as experts: Yes, they are probably the experts in the art of storytelling, but this doesn’t mean they have to act as one when talking with their client. Instead of acting as an expert, they need to be curious and anxious in the getting-to-know phase to reflect the best possible characteristics of the client and his/her organization in the media stories.
  4. They are credit-hungry all the time: Their work is to get you news coverage’s, profile stories and of course some sort of interviews as promised in the deal. But at times, it is seen that PR agencies fool the startups by banking on the re-printed version of news coverage. So, when dealing with any startup PR Agency, be extremely careful about not getting fooled with it, only pay for the ones that are original in every sense.
  5. They are extremely expensive: You are a new comer in the industry and considering your infancy in the industry you are the most likely ones to get cheated in terms of money. There are certain companies in this extremely broad PR industry that will fool you around without you getting to know. So, instead of investing in these enterprises, take your time and do a rich research about the best players in the PR industry specializing in the genre you or your organization works in.

Which are the best branding companies in India?

When you start with a business, there are piles of work to do and a number of problems and tensions to handle. Amongst all this chaos what often gets left behind is the most crucial part of business called branding. It’s true that most of the companies decide to invest in it right at their planning stage, but due to the specialization it needs, mostly what comes out as a brand gets all messed up with confusing elements. So, it’s better to hire a professional branding agency to handle the specialized field instead of messing it up with your naïve efforts.

Choosing a right branding agency will not only address a business need like that of getting a new logo or brand name but will also change or improvise the way you look at your business. So, to make sure you choose the best branding agency for your company, here is a list of things to check out for in all probable service providers.

  1. Good knowledge about the field

This is the most important thing to know about the probable agency candidate, you are looking to depend upon at. At the introductory stage, most branding agencies will try to impress you out with the most impressive examples of their work, and will showcase their largest of the clients. But, what you need to think beyond all this and focus on is if they are able to deliver a satisfactory solution to your business problem or not. And, for the branding agency to deliver you the best solution it’s necessary for them to have thorough knowledge about your working and about your industry.

  1. Creative in their approach

There is no easy way out when it comes to branding. But with branding being a crucial element of a successful business, it’s important to hire a branding agency that offers creative ideas and innovative plans that will set you in the market better than the rest and strengthens you to be the leading one in the industry.  You should keep an eye for the knowledge base of the agency regarding the branding, design and marketing trends.

  1. Excellent client-base

Past results of an agency speaks a lot about their caliber to handle a business problem. Being a probable client of the agency, feel free to ask for metrics, analytics, reports and other things like that which have the potential to portray the past results in measurable formats. This will help you better develop an insight about the agency’s caliber. The better the past client- base is more probable are the chances of a particular agency in leading you to success.

  1. Check on their versatility quotient

Make it a point that before going to search out for the branding agency, you need to have a proper understanding about what your business problem is all about and what are the services and deliverables you are expecting. There are quite a many tasks that not all branding agencies can do and are outsourcing it to the freelancers. So, be sure to ask their core capabilities and what all can they control confidentially even while outsourcing. Remember, the more in- house capabilities they have, the better work can they deliver.

The Yellow Coin Communication is one such Branding Agency in Delhi that reflects the presence of all the above mentioned traits and till now is successful in leading their clients from a journey to being mere someone in the industry to now being a successful brand in the market.

Role of PR in effective NGO management

It’s a fact that PR plays a vital role in efficient management of NGOs. These days most of the NGO’s have their own PR strategies to attract social attention and funds. Hence the importance of Public Relations in NGO management is now accepted worldwide.

Foundations and charities are using advanced PR campaigns to raise funds, and artfully using standard lobbying techniques with governments. NGO’s often seek to mobilize public support. A PR strategy can be used to create awareness about the organisation’s aims and objectives, which can lead to the flow of funds. However the rules of the game have changed. Earlier many NGO’s functioned in a very traditional way and they did not use PR as a tool for attracting social attention and funds. Now they do.

NGOs need to communicate and tell a story. Visibility is a premium commodity. You can easily grab headlines, if you have an interesting and strong story to tell. NGOs, like other organisations, try to raise visibility for their groups. So, like other organisations, they should work with communications programs to make sure their message reaches the masses. NGOs face many challenges and opportunities as well. However, the organisation is not telling its story consistently and strategically, it is bound to fail. Most PR companies in Delhi help NGO’s let their voices be heard.

There are various tips for building and maintaining a reputation. If followed, these tips can help NGOs improve their ability and communicate messages in a much effective way to the target audience. This will widen their spheres of influence, and enhance their reputations – all in the service of their mission. In order to do well, an organisation must first communicate well.

Every organization must differentiate itself in the crowd of rest with its own compelling yet message driven story. The stories should be built on the foundation of sharply defined messages that clearly defines the organisation’s goals and objectives. A core message platform is the key to any communications strategy.

NGOs need to get working and conduct some series of communications activities to drive immediate goals. However, proactively executing a well-planned communications strategy that maintains the consistency of messages is far more effective in achieving long-term goals and creating a good reputation.

Identifying and training spokesperson is also an important element. Today, we see many celebrities endorsing NGOs, when the glamour quotient shoots up at NGO-sponsored events. Spokespersons may also need some professional media and presentation training, to sharpen their skills of conveying messages; it will also make the messengers more comfortable and make sure the organisation is speaking in one voice.

A proper communication activity must be rolled out. Execution, which might include doing regular media search and issuing proprietary data and surveys, is necessary. Startup PR firm in Delhi must know these strategies to help NGO’s.  Lastly, use social media to engage. Social media should be approached with the same strategic mindset one would bring to traditional communications. Interaction needs to be message oriented, benefitting the audience with something useful and part of an overall mix of communications tools.


How Social Media can help with PR

With the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus and so many other newer platforms, social media has become as much a professional staple as a personal one. Many businesses are failing to utilize social media for PR, small or online based businesses both. If you need improvement in your business, try to use direct engagement with both customers and the press. Social media is perfect for both.

Social media can be useful for you business along with Pr in more ways than you can think. To get started, here are a few tips –

Most PR Companies  in Delhi publish social media friendly content  such as case studies which are a great option. They are some of the most powerful quantifiers you can use on the web. Not only do they present clear, concise data, but they also offer perspective in the results. More than that, if you present it in the right way you can elicit an emotional response that will prompt engagement and potentially sharing. The case studies of companies are often shared and cited by the major media outlets. Add in visuals, and you have the perfect content for social sharing, all with the aim of improving PR and brand image.

Blogger’s coverage – Do not ignore the blogosphere. Startup PR firm in Delhi collaborate often with bloggers in association with their clients. It is the perfect link between social media and PR as bloggers are active on social media and many of them are closely monitored by journalists. You need to get mentioned by the bloggers. To get featured you need to be a contributor.  Guest posting at a well-known blog is a good way to get media coverage. Provide your expertise wherever needed. Being featured in a expert interview is a good way to make yourself more discoverable by journalists looking for quotes on a topic. Get your service or product reviewed. Whether you pro-actively seek coverage or not, your product will probably be reviewed by users anyways. Blogger reviews work great for potential media coverage as well.

Connect with the press on social media – The media relies quite a lot on social media to pick up content. They often share a shocking amount of information from the web these days.  Not just details to enhance stories, but entire stories. Use of hashtags on twitter are often covered by major news outlets. Thereby we can see that social media sites have become a solid part of journalism.

Social media can offer you a fast way to go about connecting with the media. By strategic use if hashtags and social media tagging, you can get a solid media coverage, provided you have a good story to cover.

How to boost your Digital Marketing with PR

PR and digital marketing are two peas in a pod. We need them both in today’s world. The work might look similar but they are a world apart. Digital PR helps the brands to increase their online exposure by building relationships with key influencers and editors. Healthy relations with the key influencers and editors will gain mentions and backlinks on prominent blogs and websites.Articles and stories will often give your product a spin you didn’t anticipate and might just set you up for exponential returns. To get the most bang for your buck, use PR as a launchpad for digital marketingin the following ways:

The left hand must synchronize with the right hand – Hire PR consultants in Delhi that are willing to cooperate and communicate openly with each other. Even today most of the CMO’s donot believe social media is linked closely enough with their organization’s marketing strategies. It is important to appoint someone from within your business or at an agency to make sure the digital team leverages the efforts made by the PR professionals.

Leverage PR in your Digital Marketing – When you’re analyzing ROI, you have to think of both in conjunction. This is a must. You can’t be thinking in vacuum. You can get the best performance of an advert only by leveraging PR. Use your USP and try to make PR strategies of the PR Companies in Delhi, the focal point of all marketing efforts. From ads to customer emails, utilize press to build credibility to get maximum benefits. Having your digital team boost a positive piece of press but by actually putting money behind it and using it as an advertising asset. This will create an incredible momentum.

Patience is the key- But PR and marketing aren’t silver bullets. Both efforts require a long-term commitment. They’ll mature over time but should be seen as augmenting current initiatives in the early days. The value of PR is in the name. It is the practice of building a relationship with your public audiences. Brand attachment is sure to win you a more inclined customer, creating predisposed buyers from which your marketing efforts can then benefit. You need to understand the long term commitment required for an effective PR and digital marketing strategy.

You’ve got a million things to think about when you’re running a business. Finding ways to get double the impact of any one marketing effort will help you focus on what matters most: gaining and retaining customers.These few tips will help you a long way if you implement them wisely.

Do Indian tech startups need to hire a PR Agency?

The boiling up of Indian tech start-up scene in the recent years has provided tech journalists with a feast of stories, scandals, and gossips. A survey conducted by Innoven Capital revealed that about 65 per cent startups in India are concentrated to the technology niche only. The report pointed out that from the unstoppable growth in smartphone users to the rising number of incubators companies with venture capitalist funding are aiming to raise a median of USD 12.5 million in 2017. And, being a tech journalist, it is a fascinating time to watch this amazing period unfold.

But, in reality, are these start-ups able actually to engage with the media effectively? Do they really need a Public Relation (PR) Agency or are they able to their PR on their own? Let’s have a look at what the Indian tech start-up scene is when dealing media with and without an external PR Agency.

Start-ups in India are generally doing well with marketing themselves to the target audience, but when aiming for media coverage, they usually fail or are not able to get the desired coverage. This all happens all because of two reasons- either you were not showing behaving in the right manner with the journalist or the journalist is avoiding your story as it is not that good enough among the crowd of other tech start-up stories. They can’t understand why- especially since they’ve given in their best possible efforts in creating what they are a unique and next big thing in the market. But they need to understand being part of the company they might think every single piece of information about the company is newsworthy, but from journalist’s point of view, it might not have that essence to be called a news story.

It’s not the idea that is creating a problem but instead, it is the way of presenting that idea through the content in front of media that is a matter of concern. To be better able to reach the media professionals it is only the external PR Companies, especially the PR Companies in Delhi that can help the tech start-ups groom up their content making it suitable for publications. So, instead of denying the appointment of a specialized PR Agency of Delhi, make it a point to hire them and share every minute modification or detail about your business with them to better create an impactful story to be broadcast in media.

While working with the PR Agencies, whether using the digital PR tools or the digital ones it is the patience that needs to be there while working with them, at least for a startup it’s a necessity. You are no one in the market; they are aiming to give you the name and fame to make a competitive stand in the market, so give them appropriate time to do their work. Startups need to understand that hurrying up for results when working with PR Companies will get them nothing but some unsatisfactory coverages. If not more at least give them a time of two –three months to reflect on their results. Anything less than this much time will not be beneficial as it is the period when the agency is getting familiar with your company, and its way of working.

If you are an entrepreneur, especially the one with a tech start-up make it a point not to ignore the value of PR Agency because closing down of business due to insufficient market visibility will cause you huge loss as you have a much more expensive operating business than others. And, if you are one located in Delhi, don’t forget to hire and get your hands on some of the best services provided by PR consultants in Delhi. Always remember these expert PR professionals have in the magic that can make your story shine in publications.